Congratulations to the SIX students who took home the All-Star Student Award during Week 17 of our learning! Here’s some of the awesome they’ve been up to:

William was dancing up a storm the past two weeks, and he has been extra diligent at putting away any equipment he takes out of the equipment room!
Taylin has been enthusiastic about our dance lessons and has been managing any conflict that arises with good decision making!
Ocean has been working towards completing her Making Good Choices punchcard by participating in class and trying her best at activities!
Eliah has been putting all his effort into dancing, but he has also been doing well to manage conflict when it arises!  
Elias has been dancing up a storm in class and being a cooperative and caring classmate!
Ashlyn has been a great helper, dancer and role-model for her peers with her participation in class! 

I am very proud of all of these students and I look forward to their continued, noteworthy participation! 🙂

Keep up the awesome work, All-Stars! 🙂