Five students took home the All-Star Student Award during Weeks 22 and 23 of our learning this year! Congratulations, everyone! 🙂

Jayna has been an awesome helper during lessons and she’s keen to help out her classmates! Jayna has also been more conscious of putting her equipment away at the end of class!
Drew has been super helpful in assisting classmates, but also very dedicated to bettering his basketball skills this unit, and his dance skills last unit!
Jansen has been consistently demonstrating his knowledge and skills in most sports that we explore, but he’s been especially helpful during our basketball unit as he’s able to demonstrate skills and assist his classmates!
Uriah has been a great helper for her classmates, she has been putting her equipment away after use and she’s been improving her basketball skills!
Tatum has been practising his basketball skills consistently and he continues to be an enthusiastic helper for his classmates!

As you can read, there’s lot of awesome happening in the gym – keep up the awesome work, everyone! 🙂