We had seven students claim the All-Star Student Award title to wrap-up our learning before the March Break. That being said, because the trophies have been spending a little longer at the homes of recipients, the trophies weren’t sent home over the break and Seesaw updates were posted instead! 

Congratulations to all of our All-Star Students in Week 24:

Zander completed his punch card last week after some awesome basketball skill dedication, being helpful and cleaning up equipment!
Aly Rose had been super committed to our yoga learning to kick-start our week and then she worked hard on her basketball skills to wrap up our learning on the sport!
Kallan holds the record for winning the trophy the most this year, and this is due to his ever-willing to help attitude, his consistent commitment to better his skills and his can-do personality that encourages his classmates!
Kristen has been dedicated to achieving any goals she has set for herself and she was committed to improving her basketball skills this past unit!
Ashlyn was a yoga all-star during our first Mindful Monday lesson and she committed to bettering her basketball skills with concentration and determination to wrap-up our learning on the unit!
Willa has been dedicated to achieving any goals she has set for herself this year and is a real role model for her peers in this regard! This unit, Willa has been dedicated to bettering her basketball skills!
Evan completed his ‘Making Good Choices’ punchcard for always cleaning up his equipment and committing to bettering his skills and reaching goals he sets for himself in class!

Keep up the awesome, PLFN students!