Congratulations to the six students who have taken home the All-Star Student Award during Weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28! We have had some awesome learning happening in the gym, as we have been partaking in our ‘Games’ unit. Next week, students in Grades 3-8 will create and then teach their own games to students in Grades Primary-4!

Eliah has been great at cleaning up his equipment, trying his best when participating in class AND he’s been better at accepting defeat (or the fact he has been tagged!) as well – a struggle for many students!
Ethan has been consistent in practising his basketball shots during our previous unit, and he has been working on his football throwing as of late. He always finds something to keep him active and moving in the gym.
Leah has been practising her basketball skills with determination during our last unit, and a natural inquirer during our Games unit!
Bailie has been helpful in ensuring equipment is put away at the end of class, and she did well to focus on skill improvement during our basketball unit!
Sierra has been doing well to clean up after herself (she loves building with different items anytime we have free time, but it makes for a lot of clean-up!), but she’s been also caring towards classmates if they get hurt/need a friend!
Kallan has been an undeniable force in the gym, when it comes to staying on task, helping classmates and cleaning up equipment at the end of our lessons.

Way to go everyone, and keep up the awesome! 🙂