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Parent Communication Plan


Dear Parent/Guardian:


We are looking forward to working with your child throughout the year.  This note will outline some of the goals and expectations for your child this year.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding your child please so not hesitate to contact us at the school or jot a note in your child’s agenda.  


Communication will include:



School website: pictoulandingschool.ca

Check in phone calls

Report cards

Parent teacher interviews



Assessment in the Primary classroom is ongoing and carried out in a variety of ways.


Informal and formal observation

Checklists and rubrics

Anecdotal records

Work samples

Running records




At the beginning of this school year, the Department of Education has introduced a streamlined integrated curriculum for Primary-3.   When your child brings home their report cards you will notice fewer Science, Health, Art and Social Studies comments.  These areas have not been erased, they have simply have been integrated into larger English Language Arts and Math Ideas.


Language Arts

We will work on developing active listening habits, and the ability to share ideas and express feelings and opinions. We will learn to read simple predictable texts, and find information in simple print. We will learn how print carries a message, and we will write and share our stories. In addition there will be lots of word study such as rhyming and  blending to read new words.



We will be learning  about numbers to 10 and counting to 20.   Students will be identifying, copying, extending and creating  patterns in a variety of ways.  They will be  sorting, describing and building objects with different attributes.   Students will be measuring in non standard units.  Students will develop different ways of building numbers and taking them apart.   They will learn to compare and describe numbers.

Social Studies

~Special Me

~Identity and groups that they belong

~traditions, roots, cultural celebrations



~Exploring sand and water

~Exploring materials and objects

~Exploring different Living Things


Mi’kmaw Language

Learning beginning Mi’kmaw through daily lessons, games and songs



~recognize a range of emotions

~appreciate diversity of family structure

~Safe practices for injury and disease


Physical Education

Daily physical education classes focusing on fundamental skills and cooperative participation.


Visual Arts

~incorporating artwork of by diverse cultures including Mikmaq and African Nova Scotians

~language of art

~creating art



It is very important to read with your child 10-15 minutes a night.  As the year progresses we will be sending home “just right books” (not too challenging nor too easy) for your child to read to someone at home.  Please return these books to keep our library full.


And Finally….

If there is anything we can do to further help and support your child please contact us. We can be contacted at the school -902-755-9954 or email nadinel@pictoulandingschool.ca or bridgetw@pictoulandingschool.ca



Nadine LeBlanc

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