Congratulations to two PLFN students who took home the All-Star Student Award last week!

Aliyah completed her ‘Making Good Choices’ punch card when she committed to doing yoga despite the distraction of her classmates not participating. Aliyah has been taking learning in the gym seriously!

Katalina has been doing well with participating in class, dedicating herself to improving her skills, and being a cooperative teammate who cleans up equipment at the end of class!

Keep up the awesome work, Aliyah and Katalina! :)

Congratulations to the six students who have taken home the All-Star Student Award during Weeks 25, 26, 27 & 28! We have had some awesome learning happening in the gym, as we have been partaking in our 'Games' unit. Next week, students in Grades 3-8 will create and then teach their own games to students in Grades Primary-4!

Eliah has been great at cleaning up his equipment, trying his best when participating in class AND he’s been better at accepting defeat (or the fact he has been tagged!) as well - a struggle for many students!
Ethan has been consistent in practising his basketball shots during our previous unit, and he has been working on his football throwing as of late. He always finds something to keep him active and moving in the gym.
Leah has been practising her basketball skills with determination during our last unit, and a natural inquirer during our Games unit!
Bailie has been helpful in ensuring equipment is put away at the end of class, and she did well to focus on skill improvement during our basketball unit!
Sierra has been doing well to clean up after herself (she loves building with different items anytime we have free time, but it makes for a lot of clean-up!), but she’s been also caring towards classmates if they get hurt/need a friend!
Kallan has been an undeniable force in the gym, when it comes to staying on task, helping classmates and cleaning up equipment at the end of our lessons.

Way to go everyone, and keep up the awesome! :)

Pictou Landing First Nation School is celebrating Elton Denny-Irving for his commitment to the environment!
While students are working on EcoBricks in their classrooms, Elton took the initiative to start stuffing his single-use plastic waste into pop bottles at home!
We are using 2L Pepsi product bottles for this project and we encourage everyone in the community to do the same! We are limiting the amount of plastic waste that gets sent to the landfill, and we're creating bricks to build a bench or maybe even a  wigwam - if you can help us get more bricks! 
The bricks should be stuffed very densely using an old drumstick or wooden dowel. If you want more information on how to get involved, or if you have some clean 2L Pepsi product bottles, please contact:

We had seven students claim the All-Star Student Award title to wrap-up our learning before the March Break. That being said, because the trophies have been spending a little longer at the homes of recipients, the trophies weren't sent home over the break and Seesaw updates were posted instead! 

Congratulations to all of our All-Star Students in Week 24:

Zander completed his punch card last week after some awesome basketball skill dedication, being helpful and cleaning up equipment!
Aly Rose had been super committed to our yoga learning to kick-start our week and then she worked hard on her basketball skills to wrap up our learning on the sport!
Kallan holds the record for winning the trophy the most this year, and this is due to his ever-willing to help attitude, his consistent commitment to better his skills and his can-do personality that encourages his classmates!
Kristen has been dedicated to achieving any goals she has set for herself and she was committed to improving her basketball skills this past unit!
Ashlyn was a yoga all-star during our first Mindful Monday lesson and she committed to bettering her basketball skills with concentration and determination to wrap-up our learning on the unit!
Willa has been dedicated to achieving any goals she has set for herself this year and is a real role model for her peers in this regard! This unit, Willa has been dedicated to bettering her basketball skills!
Evan completed his ‘Making Good Choices’ punchcard for always cleaning up his equipment and committing to bettering his skills and reaching goals he sets for himself in class!

Keep up the awesome, PLFN students!

Five students took home the All-Star Student Award during Weeks 22 and 23 of our learning this year! Congratulations, everyone! :)

Jayna has been an awesome helper during lessons and she’s keen to help out her classmates! Jayna has also been more conscious of putting her equipment away at the end of class!
Drew has been super helpful in assisting classmates, but also very dedicated to bettering his basketball skills this unit, and his dance skills last unit!
Jansen has been consistently demonstrating his knowledge and skills in most sports that we explore, but he’s been especially helpful during our basketball unit as he’s able to demonstrate skills and assist his classmates!
Uriah has been a great helper for her classmates, she has been putting her equipment away after use and she’s been improving her basketball skills!
Tatum has been practising his basketball skills consistently and he continues to be an enthusiastic helper for his classmates!

As you can read, there's lot of awesome happening in the gym - keep up the awesome work, everyone! :)

Congratulations to Elton and Drayson for taking home the All-Star Student Award to round out Week 21 of learning at PLFNS! 

Elton completed his making good choices card for participating in class and helping his classmates clean up at the end of lessons!
Drayson has been super committed to bettering his basketball skills and dedicated every free minute he could to working on these skills last week!

Keep up the great work, Elton and Drayson! 


Congratulations to Katria for taking home the All-Star Student Award during Week 20!
Katria has been trying her best in our basketball lessons/stations and she was also great to pick up any extra equipment at the end of class! Keep up the great work, Katria!

Two students took home the All-Star Student Award last week - during Week 18 of our academic year! Congratulations to Sienna and Kallan! 

Sienna has been participating in our dance activities with a positive attitude and she’s been leaving the gym sweating and smiling!
was a dancing machine in our lessons the past two weeks in addition to always putting his equipment away and assisting with extra.

Thanks for being such great role models for your classmates and keep up the awesome, Sienna and Kallan! :)

Congratulations to the SIX students who took home the All-Star Student Award during Week 17 of our learning! Here's some of the awesome they've been up to:

William was dancing up a storm the past two weeks, and he has been extra diligent at putting away any equipment he takes out of the equipment room!
Taylin has been enthusiastic about our dance lessons and has been managing any conflict that arises with good decision making!
Ocean has been working towards completing her Making Good Choices punchcard by participating in class and trying her best at activities!
Eliah has been putting all his effort into dancing, but he has also been doing well to manage conflict when it arises!  
Elias has been dancing up a storm in class and being a cooperative and caring classmate!
Ashlyn has been a great helper, dancer and role-model for her peers with her participation in class! 

I am very proud of all of these students and I look forward to their continued, noteworthy participation! :)

Keep up the awesome work, All-Stars! :)

We kicked off our first week of learning in 2021 with some serious All-Star Student action! Way to go, everyone! 

Alden continually puts his best effort into activities we do, and builds up a sweat while smiling in Phys Ed!
Aliyah has kicked off the new year with some serious commitment to tasks we take part in, and has been a dancing machine!
Aly Rose was a great helper when cleaning up and she worked up a sweat dancing last week!

Bryson danced up a storm in class which helped him complete his ‘Making Good Choices’ punch card to win the trophy!
Kallan kicked off the new year with his ever helping attitude and was quick to lend a hand with cleaning up equipment at the end of class!

I'm super proud of all of our All-Stars and I look forward to their continued awesome work! :)


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