Congratulations to Ira and Sierra for taking home the All-Star Student Award - the final students to do so in 2020!

Ira has been working hard on being a better listener and had been doing great cleaning up after himself! Sierra had been a great tidy-upper and she has been kind and considerate in including all of her classmates in games she plays! 

Keep up the great work, Ira and Sierra! :)

Congratulations to Drayson, Kallie, Leah and Zander for wrapping up an awesome Week 14 of learning in the gym!

Drayson continues to be a role model student in always trying his best, helping his peers and always cleaning up his equipment! Kallie is always a helping hand for me, but also for her classmates! Kallie is open-minded and cooperates well with all of her classmates, too! Leah is always engaged in activities in the gym, and she commits herself to learning new skills. She’s also awesome at putting all of her equipment (and more) at the end of lessons! Zander always volunteers to be a helper or have a leadership role in the gym, which is fantastic! He also can do an incredible amount of cartwheels in a row - just ask him!

Way to go, everyone! :)

A number of students took home the All-Star Student Award this past week! 

Becky always commits to learning new skills, helps clean up at the end of lessons, and tries her best in Phys Ed class! Alexis has been trying her best in class and always takes the opportunity to run when she can - and she can run so fast! Ava has been doing well to listen and follow instructions, but also to try new things and clean up her equipment after class!

Keep up the awesome, Becky, Alexis and Ava!

Two more students took home the All Star Student trophy last week! Congratulations to Jayna and Kailan! :)

Jayna has been tidying up after lessons and very helpful during lessons as she volunteers to set-up obstacle courses and activities to engage one of her classmates! Keep up the awesome, Jayna!

Kailan is the first in his class to take home the award this year, and he was awarded the trophy for his efforts in the gym, for always making an effort to be active the whole lesson, and for tidying up afterwards! Keep up the awesome, Kailan! 

Three students took home the All-Star Student Award this week - congratulations to Kallan, Sienna and Jack! :)

Kallan kicked off the week by completing his second 'Making Good Choices' punch card earning him the trophy! Kallan continues to lend a helping hand in the gym, and he also has an infectious enthusiasm towards Phys Ed class!

Sienna was the second winner of the trophy this week! Sienna has been great at tidying up in the gym, and she’s always leaving with a sweat on! 

Jack took home the trophy on Wednesday! Jack has been trying his best to better any skills we learn, and he’s always helpful in putting away his things at the end of lessons! 

Way to go to our All-Star Students and keep up the great work, Kallan, Sienna and Jack! :)


Two more students took turns with the All-Star Student Award this week; congratulations to Jenelle and Uriah! :)

Jenelle has been a consistent helping hand in the gym, she’s keen to help out her classmates and she’s been committed to bettering her skills, too!

Uriah has been helpful cleaning up at the end of class, but she has also been awesome at using her WITS when conflict arises in the gym!

Keep up the awesome, and thanks for being awesome, Jenelle and Uriah! :)


Week 10 wrapped up with two students taking home the All-Star Student Award: Congratulations, Tatum and Eliah! 
Tatum has been committed to learning new skills in the gym and he is always keen to help out his classmates!
Eliah has been a caring friend who has been dedicated to bettering his skills in the gym! 
Keep up the awesome, Tatum and Eliah! :)

Three students took home the All-Star Student Award during week 9 of our 2020-21 school year! Congratulations to Ashlyn, Drew and Kitpu for putting in the extra effort to complete their 'Making Good Choices' punch cards this week! :)

Ashlyn has demonstrated excellent listening skills and is committed to lending a helping hand at the end of every class! Drew puts in a solid effort every lesson, as he works had to learn new skills; the same can be said for Kitpu who has been a role model for her classmates in embodying the mottos: 'never giving up' and 'practice makes perfect'!

Keep up the awesome, Ashlyn, Drew and Kitpu! :)

Congratulations to Zander for taking home the All-Star Student Award in PE last Thursday; he was the only student to do so in Week 8! Zander committed to bettering his badminton, volleyball and tennis skills, as he always challenges himself to get ‘one more hit’ when self-rallying or playing with a classmate! I can't wait to see how his skills further develop! Keep up the awesome, Zander!

This week, two PLFNS students took home the All-Star Student Award this week; congratulations Aliyah and Drayson!
Aliyah completed her 'Making Good Choices' punch card by constantly tidying up and offering to help me during lessons. She also sets a positive example for her classmates by putting 100% effort into whatever we do - as does Drayson. Both students are enthusiastic about PE classes and are caring towards their peers. Drayson is also a risk-taker in trying new things, and not giving up until he figures it out! 
Keep up the great work, Aliyah and Drayson! :)


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