Congratulations to Kallan for taking home the All Star Student in PE for the FIRST TIME THIS SCHOOL YEAR! He completed his ‘Making Good Choices’ punchcard before anyone else in the school, for being consistently helpful, caring and a good friend to his peers!
Keep up the awesome, Kallan, and way to be a role model for the whole school! 

Information for Parents of students in Grades 5-8 regarding Seesaw and Google Classroom

How to check your child's SEESAW assignments using the SEESAW CLASS APP.

I hope this update finds you all healthy and well! 
I realize that being on lock-down brings about some fear, anxiety and a lot of other unknown factors, as we wait and see what progresses with Covid-19 and our community! Physical activity is a wonderful and effective means of helping reduce some of the unsettling feelings we're experiencing, and to help with that, I'm going to share daily videos to help inspire some creativity, movement and transdisciplinary learning at home! 
If you can, check into your child's Seesaw account and watch the video via "Activities". Alternatively, here's the link:

Stay fit, have fun and remember, we'll get through this! 

-Ms. Melinda :)

Happy NEW year and NEW school days to our PLFN Community!  :)

It's been a while since our last Physical Education (PE) update but five students need to be recognized for their awesomeness! 

Before our Christmas Break, Tatum took home the All-Star Student trophy for cleaning up and being on task during his PE lessons. In addition, he also incredibly thoughtful in buying us a new trophy when our old one fell apart! (And since then, we had around 40 old trophies donated so we've got LOTS of back-ups!) Thanks, Tatum, and keep up the great work! :)

Drayson, also from Grade Primary, took home the All-Star Student trophy for his second time, to kick-start our PE learning in 2020. Drayson has to be one of the handiest helpers in the land, as he's always looking for someone else's left-out equipment to put away, so he can get a punch. Well done, and thank you, Drayson! :)

Becky was the first student to take home our All-Star Award from our NEW gym! Becky commits to learning new skills, as well as trying her best to improve on the skills she already has! She's also been awesome to help tidy the gym after lessons, but also after our indoor recesses. Way to go, and thank you, Becky! :)

To wrap-up our learning last week, Kallan claimed the All-Star Student Award for his consistent cleaning and dedication to listening and helping out during his PE lessons. This is the second time Kallan took the trophy home this year! Keep up the great work, Kallan! :)

And Kallan wasn't the only one from his household to earn the All-Star Student Award, either! Kaden ALSO earned his 20 punches by cleaning up and participating in his PE lessons with a positive attitude! On Tuesday, Kaden took the trophy home to jump-start a week of (hopefully) more all-star behaviours! Way to go, Kaden! :)

During Weeks 14 and 15, we had two All-Star Students to congratulate - Kallie and Leah!

Kallie did NOT complete her "making good choices" card (yet!), but she committed to bettering her badminton skills and has shown immense progress! Kallie's positive attitude towards learning new skills and putting them to use with great enthusiasm, make Kallie an ideal role model student in PE class! Way to go, Kallie, and keep up the awesome work! 

Leah, on the other hand, DID complete her "making good choices" card and she did so for the SECOND time this school year! Leah has been consistent in being principled, encouraging classmates, trying her best, being a risk-taker and an all-around role-model student for her peers! Keep up the awesome work, Leah! 

I look forward to adding more All-Star Students to our All-Star Wall during our last week of PE in 2019! Bring on Week 16 - and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL of our families! I hope you all find time to sweat and smile together this holiday season! 



School News

What a slew of congratulations we have to pass on to FIVE of our students this week!
During Week 13 (and the start of Week 14), we have had the All-Star Student trophy go home almost every day! 

Eliah from Grade Primary completed his "making good choices" punch card by having a positive attitude in PE class, not giving-up when trying new things, and by being inclusive of all his classmates during a game in class!

Jayna from Grade One took home the trophy last week as well. Jayna is always inclusive of all the students in her class, she's thoughtful and caring towards her classmates and she helps them to stay on task during our lessons as well!

Katerra, from Grade 5/6, took home the trophy after continually cleaning up, being principled in PE class, committing to learning a new skill and practising her new skills consistently during our Badminton unit! 

Elias from Grade Two completed his "making good choices" punch card for continually helping his classmates, encouraging them to participate and stay on task, and for always helping out when it's time to clean-up! 

Drew from Grade Primary took the trophy home last night, for being confident in his skills in PE, for trying his best when learning a new skill, and making more of an effort to listen and be on task during PE class time!

Keep up the awesome work, you five students! And make sure to give them a high-five if you see them around! :)

Draw for an iPad!

Congratulations to Alden, from Grade 5/6, for winning our mascot competition that ended on November 13th. For just over a week, students at PLFNS were encouraged to draw and/or create some form of mascot, that they think would be cool to represent and motivate our Physical Education program. Then, for a couple of days following that, students from all the classes voted for which mascot they wanted to win. Honourable mention goes to Jayna, from Grade 1/2, for her submission that was a very close runner-up! :)

So, without further ado, here's the story of Jumbo, our PLFNS PE Mascot:

"One day, Jumbo came from the jungle. He saw people in Phys. Ed. class were slow and not shooting hoops very well, so he came to offer his help and inspire everyone to get faster and stronger at soccer, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse...and other sports and physical activities, too! Over time, Jumbo started to see everyone turn into better athletes! Some even started to turn into awesome gorillas, like him! Now that Jumbo is a part of our Pictou Landing School Community, he hopes to inspire everyone else in Pictou Landing to be just like him - faster and stronger! So look out for Jumbo - he's coming to a Phys. Ed. class near YOU!"



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